Cloud based book-keeping tools

With the combination of Receipt Bank and Xero, we are able to offer an automated bookkeeping service that isn't limited by geography and our clients actually enjoy using!

To learn more about Receipt Bank, please watch the video below:
Handling the bookkeeping can be a rather tedious process especially for those manually entering their data in Xero or other accounting systems.
The great thing about Receipt Bank is that it simplifies all that process. You can now easily forward an email containing an invoice or receipt to your Receipt Bank account, or use the iPhone or Android app to take a picture and submit it. Receipt Bank takes care of the rest for you.

Receipt Bank Features

  1. Automate tasks. Snap a picture of the receipt and data is digitised. Upload to Receipt Bank via email, Dropbox or iPhone and Android apps.
  2. Integration with Xero. Send invoices that have been processed by Receipt Bank to Xero. See a breakdown of the data that the app has extracted and generated from the receipt.
  3. Rebilling clients. Receipt Bank makes it easy to recharge expenses to clients.
  4. Multi-users. The multi-user version allows teams to work together effectively without duplicating effort.


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